What Does Fitness Have To Do With Marketing?

What Does Fitness Have To Do With Marketing?

In the case of yours truly – EVERYTHING!


For all too long, I’ve wanted to be fit and work for myself.

Those were two of my why’s (the reason for which | the cause or reason for which something is done).

Why’s can be things you want to accomplish, hobbies, passions, missions, beliefs, interests, and/or anything you’d like to share your two cents about!

So I decided to show people how to take THEIR why’s and market (the act or process of selling) them, using myself as the example to follow.

It’s really quite simple.

I need to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle – so I’ll blog about it.

At the bottom of my posts – I’ll place a box explaining how I can help people to do the same.

That’s it!

I’d love to show you how to take YOUR passions, hobbies, causes, and/or interests – and turn them into an additional income via Attraction Marketing, creating Marketing Funnels, and List Building!

P.S. – If you don’t know what any of those terms are, you REALLY need to click below!

Again – it’s simple!

Until next time – have a DYNAMITE day!



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