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Daily Quote – 06232017

“What gets measured gets managed.”

-Peter Drucker

So as you can see – we went from Daily Quote June 7th to June 23rd!

Now I know HOW this happened – but I swear to you, I wouldn’t have BELIEVED over two weeks had passed between posts!

On to how it happened. Ironically – I’ve been using a time management/calendar app called Todoist. I had this Daily Quote in it – but had added it in a way where it wasn’t coming up as I wanted it to (MY fault – not the app). Because of this – I removed it until I could figure out what I was doing. The first day I missed – I’m sure I thought I’d get to it even though it wasn’t on my list. And well – you know the rest!

It’s SO easy to get out of sorts my friends! I HIGHLY recommend using something like Todoist to keep you on point.

I’ll give you a bonus quote today – and that’s,

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

– Alan Lakein

Before writing this posts – I had two hints pop up telling me to get my act straight.

One was the quote of the day – which popped up on my Momentum Chrome Plug-in

And the other coming via a mentor of mine – Zach Crawford. He was speaking about the importance of a daily routine.

When you don’t have a plan – time WILL fall through the cracks and the next thing you know, you’ll be talking about it in a blog post over two weeks later!

So take the time RIGHT NOW to plan out not only your daily tasks and chores – but ALL the things you want to get accomplished. And most importantly – STAY ON TASK!

Until next time – have a DYNAMITE day!