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FitRULES | Day 17

Day 17 y’all!

I’m going to go on a preach for just a bit – and then I have a post update.

First the preach.  So it’s day 17 – and for the most part, I’ve had an overwhelming number of victories over defeats.  And I’ve done it following my #NewYOUDay Mentality.  Simply put – restarting/correcting my path IMMEDIATELY after any setback/defeat – and focusing right back on how I’d rock my next victory!  This mindset over saying, “Well – I screwed up.  I might as well just give in and start fresh on _____ (Tomorrow, Monday, next month, next year, or whatever go time we usually pick).  Do THAT – and it won’t just work with weight loss, diet, and healthy living – but ANYTHING you apply it to!

Next the post update.  I realize the stats I have daily don’t change much – so I’m going to start posting it in a much more straight to the point format.

After doing my 5K on the Elliptical and hitting the hot tub – I went to Fit Bodywrap * #6 – and it was a HOT one!

My calorie intake was way below my target:

1774 In | 3907 Out | 1370 Left For The Day (At the time of this post)

11 Days in a row UNDER Max!  BOOM!





Tomorrow I’ll do a weight and inches report (Hopefully for a LOSS!) after I get back from everything.

Don’t forget to friend me on Fitbit and engage with me on how YOU’RE doing!  We’ll challenge and push one another!


And if you use Facebook – come on over to https://www.facebook.com/fitrules and let’s engage there as well!

Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE day!

* Note:  If you live in the New Bremen/Minster Ohio area – I go to Golden Image Tanning and Fitness for my Fit Bodywrap.

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