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Project 180

Project 180

What IS Project 180?

As you can see from the Prioritab below – we’re almost half-way through the year!


It’s true!  GEEZ time really DOES fly!

Project 180

Project 180 refers to there being 180 Degrees in a circle.  So think in terms of an about face/turn-around.  Although the math doesn’t work out exact (Since half the year would be 182.5 days AND it’s not the end of the month yet) – for the purposes of this post, we’re basically talking about NOW until the end of the year.

So HOW Do You Implement Project 180?

In the simplest of terms – check out the image at the top of this post.  You’ll notice 180 days with an arrow going back to day 1.  That’s it!  Figure out what you’d like to be doing and/or where you’d like to be in 180 days  – and then plan what you have to do to make it happen.  And work backward to achieve it!

Imagine the things you could add, remove, adjust, and/or accomplish in 180 days!

  • A Healthier Lifestyle
    • Lose Weight
    • Gain Muscle
    • Start Walking/Running/Biking
    • Change Your Diet
      • Become a Vegetarian/Vegan
      • Cut Down/Eliminate Sugar
  • Change Finances
    • Start Saving More
    • Make Money In Addition To Your Current Job
    • Become Your Own Boss
    • Pay Off Bills
  • Travel
    • Stop The “Staycation” Mindset And Take Those Dreams Trips
    • Explore The Destinations In Your Own Backyard (Surrounding Areas)
  • Create And Follow A Time Management Routine
  • Feed Your Mind
    • Read Daily
    • Start A Personal Development Routine
  • And MUCH More…

In the posts referring to a New YOU Day (Facebook | Instagram) – I spoke of an INSTANT (Finger Snap) change.

Is this possible?


Not necessarily COMPLETING the desired result – but deciding to work towards doing so.

So if you’re reading this shortly after I posted it – what will YOUR Project 180 consist of?

If you’re not – then maybe there’s a Project 30 or Project 90 you’d like to start – RIGHT now!

Regardless of where you are – Project 30, 90, 180, or something in-between – get started today towards a New YOU Day!