FitRULES | Day 14

Hey, it’s MONDAY!

And in the world of my Fitbit Surge Dashboard – that means it’s the beginning of another workout/diet week!

It’s also the two-week mark of my new healthy lifestyle.

That lifestyle has consisted of working out A LOT more, avoiding/not adding sugar, no fast food, no dairy (Other than a Protein Powder Supplement), no meat, 30 grams of protein within 30-minutes of waking up, tracking everything I eat/drink (with calories), Coconut MCT Oil in the morning and evening, adding an occasional Fit Bodywrap, and just generally thinking about what I do, and choosing the good over the bad.

My family is very supportive – but there ARE things that pop up on occasion that throw the temptations into gear.  Ice cream, cookies, snack chips, and PIZZA!  But – I’ve been good and avoided the trap of eating them.

Anyway – that brings us to the present again.

Today was a heck of a day!

I started out with a Fit Bodywrap * for about 65 minutes.  This is my 3 time having done it.  Every time it gets more and more relaxing!  It’s 130-degree Infrared Heat – and it REALLY gets you sweating!

Next – I headed straight over to the gym.

I made the decision to start doing a 5K every day on the Elliptical (My two previous weeks – I’d done 2 miles and 2.5 miles).  I DID hit the 3.1 miles (5K) mark – but didn’t do it within the Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone I wanted to.  I have yet to target that zone for the majority or even a large portion of my workouts so far.  So that’s going to be something I work on hitting.  For my age – I “think” I’ll have to keep everything in an 112-132 range.

Next – I’m going to start doing DDP Yoga.  I ordered my package almost 3 YEARS ago!  I’d say it’s about time to put it to use!  And yes – I totally realize just how ridiculous this is of me!  Diamond Dallas Page would kick my ass for this!

This is the UNOPENED Yoga Mat I’ve had sitting in my War Room for the last several years.  Equally ridiculous!

I read the intro to the program and started watching the 1st DVD.  I thought I’d be able to do this in my War Room downstairs – but I’ll need a place with higher ceilings.  So as to not interrupt everyone in the living room upstairs – I didn’t start tonight.  I’ll resume tomorrow when it works better for everyone.  Including doing a video of myself to document my beginning and where my stretching abilities are (Spoiler Alert – they SUCK).

My calorie intake was way below my target:

2375 In | 4473 Out | 1289 Left For The Day

8 Days in a row UNDER Max!  BOOM!

Don’t forget to friend me on Fitbit and engage with me on how YOU’RE doing!  We’ll challenge and push one another!

And if you use Facebook – come on over to and let’s engage there as well!

Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE day!

* Note:  If you live in the New Bremen/Minster Ohio area – I go to Golden Image Tanning and Fitness for my Fit Bodywrap.

What Does Fitness Have To Do With Marketing?

These Blog Posts have to do with MY journey to a healthy lifestyle – but in addition to wanting to reach those seeking the same thing, I have another reason for presenting it this way.

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The Sunday Monday Blues

Have you ever heard someone talk about having the Sunday / Monday Blues?

Some people hate it – but guess what? It’s just another day folks.

It’s what YOU make of it – good or bad. It’s not Monday you dislike – it’s what you have to do on Monday. But in all fairness – you probably have to do the same things on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well.

If you REALLY break it down – it’s not Monday you dislike – it’s what you have to do on Monday. But in all fairness – you probably have to do the same things on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well.   The only difference with those days is that each one gets you closer to the weekend.

In movies such as Office Space – it was called, “A Case Of The Mondays”.

In essence – it’s that feeling on Sunday Evening when you know Monday is on the horizon – and your weekend is coming to an end.

Yet another reference is from the 80’s song by Loverboy, “Working For The Weekend”.  Where everyone’s working to get to Friday Night, Saturday, and Sunday.

There’s a reason the movies and songs refer to it – because people GET it!

But even though there’s a Sunday and Monday Blues Pandemic – there is a cure.

Make EVERY day Saturday!


Do something you love – and you’ll never work another day in your life!

You mean that’s not just a Fortune Cookie phrase from Confucius?


So what do you love?

What are you passionate about?

What niche or profession would you consider yourself an expert or influencer?

What hobby or recreational activity are you great at?

Figure that one thing (Or things) out – and start marketing with it.

It’s as easy as –

  • Building a list
  • Engaging your list
  • Providing value to your list
  • And monetizing your list

Notice I say ENGAGE your list!  You have to let the people that follow you know you’re going to provide excellent and balanced info.

People don’t want to be pitched constantly – but if you save your pitches until after you’ve provided lots of value – they won’t mind.

So how do you do this?

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And until then – have a DYNAMITE day!