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What Does It Mean To Be EVERGREEN?

A lot of people online use the term “evergreen”.  If you’ve ever seen an evergreen tree (Such as the image above) –  it will produce new green needles year after year.

In the world of digital content – when something is evergreen, regardless of when you look at it the info appears to be fresh and new.  You do this by keeping the content relevant and timeless.

Time To Go Evergreen

For the last several weeks – I’ve been updating my readers/subscribers on my new healthier lifestyle.  But I’ve made several mistakes along the way.

I started off giving a play by play of my exercise and calorie intake.  I want to know this info (To document my progress) – but I realized early on that most people wouldn’t find it at all useful (At the very best – motivating).

I was giving each post a day and date.  

Now anyone that can read will be able to figure out when a blog entry was posted – so in a way, dating it via an image is redundant anyway.

Shoving the date in the faces of my readers/subscribers could cause a lot of different unwanted effects.  They may think, “Why start?  I’m way behind where he is.”, “How many days is this going for?”, and/or “Why isn’t he posting every day?”.

And – last but not least – my blog centered around just my health.  However, the lion share of posts I’ve made lately have been.  Thus anyone not coming to my blog for health info were probably turned off.

So going forward – expect a much larger variety of posts.

Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE  and EVERGREEN day!

What Does Evergreen Content Have To Do With Marketing?

These Blog Posts have to do with things I find worth sharing – but in addition to wanting to reach those reading my ramblings, I have another reason for presenting it.

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