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Daily Quote – 07032017

“Never Mistake Motion For Action.”

– Ernest Hemingway

This quote is a great one for MANY of us (Yours truly included).


Going through the motions ISN’T action.

It’s VERY easy to scroll through all your social media channels, comment, like, repost, and make some posts yourself – and feel as if you’ve accomplished something.


It’s VERY easy to say you’re taking on a diet, throwing out all your fat foods, buying a couple books, downloading fit apps, and getting a FitBit – and feel as if you’re ON that diet.

What’s more than likely missing from one or both examples?


And what’s REALLY missing from both?


You can pump an old water well and get water (ACTION) – but you gotta keep pumping it (CONSISTENCY) for the water to keep flowing!

If you’re looking for results in life – take ACTION that leads to results!  And if you’re looking to get ahead monetarily – take ACTION in the form of IPA (No not the beer!) – INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES!

Do both CONSISTENTLY – and compounded by time – you’ll get where you want to be!

Until then – have a DYNAMITE day!