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I told my wife I was going in to get us drinks yesterday, and asked her what she wanted.  She asked for a Diet Coke.

The above picture shows the bottle I grabbed.

I can’t put into words how much I was FLOORED by this! I thought I was on THE CARBONARO EFFECT or something!  I live in a small village in Ohio.  There aren’t a bunch of guys named Wes – which by the way is MY name!  I would love to know the odds of this happening. It HAS to be nuts!

This is very cool marketing!  Kudos to Diet Coke for something that will get people talking!

Wes Wyatt

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3 thoughts on “Share A Diet Coke With ME!

  1. Although I am not a soda drinker , I do love the name on the the bottle and have looked for my name and my kids names. I have found a couple name that are in my life. Great post

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