New YOU Day!


Visit the New YOU Day Facebook Page at!

I created New YOU Day to allow people an INSTANT RESET in helping with the accomplishing of goals.

Instead of saying, “I’ll start Monday.”, “Next week.”, “Next month.”, and/or “New Year’s Day.” – they can take part in a New YOU Day and start immediately. In addition – they can pick back up immediately if they encounter a slight error in judgement and stray away from their goal.

I’d love to hear your New YOU Day Goals!

I have two – so I’ll start by sharing mine.

One – I want to lose weight, gain muscle, and live a much healthier lifestyle. To do that – I’ve started the Facebook Page Fit RULES.


You can find it at – and in addition to posting there, you can use the hashtag ‪#‎FitRULES‬.

Two – to work on time and financial freedom – I’ve started the Facebook Page Working With Wes.


You can find it at I’ll cover everything related to building a Mailing List, engaging with it, and building / marketing your brand.

If you’re intersted in either of those goals – feel free to join me!

Regardless – I want to know what yours are – and find running partners to cheer and motivate you!

Thank you for visiting this page and have a DYNAMITE day!