New YOU Day – 2017

It’s time for New YOU Day – AGAIN (And again…)!

First and foremost – Happy New Year 2017!

What IS New YOU Day?  When most people set a new routine or resolution – they pick a specific day to start.  It’s usually Monday (1st of the week), beginning of the month, or the worst one of all (Unless it’s very close to occurring) New Year’s Day!  When you do this – it gives you a “Hall Pass” to continue the behavior you’re trying to change until that reset date.  WRONG!  What a New YOU Day (Yes a take off on New Year’s Day) does – is allows you to INSTANTLY reset whenever you’ve had an error in judgment.  In Jeff Olson’s Book “The Slight Edge“, he speaks of actions as errors in judgment or slight disciplines.  Our goal is to string together more disciplines than errors.  It’s just that simple!  So again – instead of waiting for a reset date – you just instantly reset after an error in judgment.  That’s the New YOU Day way of success!

I love the pic shown with this post – and the fact that these days fell on the weekend together (To appear on the same page).

Why – and why the, “It Doesn’t Matter!!” / (And again…)?

Simply put – both are just another day!  There are going to be 52 of ’em this year – and each will be the same as well!  And this isn’t my first, second, or even third (Maybe MORE) rodeo with this concept.

The whole New YOU Day thought process come from an idea I come up with over a decade ago!

Official ICANN Info:

Creation Date: 2003-10-11

I’ve implemented it time and time again – but this time around, I wanted to make it a MOVEMENT!

Visit the sites below.  Follow, like, comment (Both here and on Social Media), use the Hash Tag #NewYOUDay, and just basically ENGAGE!  Tell me – and everyone that participates – what you’re doing to create YOUR New YOU Day!

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I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until then – have a DYNAMITE day (And YEAR)!

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