FitRULES | Day 52 – Friday Eve

Day 52 - Friday EveIt’s Friday Eve!

In a previous post entitled “Friday Mindset” – I spoke about clearing your mind of what day it is.

I did this because whether it’s someone referring to “Hump Day” (A.K.A. – Wednesday.  Which as you can see I’ve referenced), “Friday Eve” (A.K.A. – Thursday), “T.G.I.F.!” (Thank God It’s Friday!), “Working For The Weekend”, anything related to the weekend, “The Sunday / Monday Blues“, or a “Case Of The Mondays – people are either looking forward to the weekend and/or wishing it wouldn’t end!

If you think about it – Tuesday is the only day people don’t seem to have a widely used “almost another day” name.

Maybe I should start one?  How does “Hump Day Eve” sound?

It’s OK to play with the “Hump Day“, “Friday Eve”, and “T.G.I.F.!” (Thank God It’s Friday!) statements – but don’t get sucked up in the negative side of it!

Mindset and action go hand in hand!

If you’re always wishing it were another day – how can you enjoy the one you’re in?!?

I strive to hit a minimum of 5 workouts (Specifically – visits to the Y to do 45 minutes on the Elliptical) per week.  Ideally – I’d like to do this all 7 days of the week!  If I dread Monday – Thursday on my way to Friday to hit 5 days in a row, my attitude will drag my workout performance down.  Why on earth would you do that to yourself?

Why on earth would you do that to yourself?

There’s also a career angle to this mindset.

If you dislike (To whatever degree) what you do – you’re probably suffering from everything mentioned above!  That’s why it’s SO important to do something you LOVE! (That’s a whole other conversation/post for another time!)  I LOVE what I do to the point that I never catch myself looking at the clock and/or dreading any day of the week!  I won’t go so far as to say, “EVERY day feels like Saturday” – but EVERY day does have a sense of FREEDOM!

Additionally – there are two VERY fitting quotes to add to my take on this.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about YOUR plans.” – Woody Allen


“Live every day as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.” – Muhammad Ali

Why are they fitting?  God already knows our beginning, middle, and end.  Focusing on what we DON’T want and ignoring the present is silly!

As long as you’re blessed with an Oxygen Habit – be sure to give your ALL!

And if you DO have a “Friday Eve” Mentality – be sure it’s a POSITIVE one!

If you use Facebook – come on over to and let’s engage there as well!

Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE day!

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