FitRULES | Day 48

“Never be afraid to start over!  It’s a chance to rebuild what you want.  It’s a chance to start over, to start with a clean slate.” – Unknown

Full disclosure – I have two reasons why this post isn’t entirely about truly starting over.  One – I look at my new healthier lifestyle as just that – and NOT a diet or temporary routine.  So

One – I look at my new healthier lifestyle as just that – and NOT a diet or temporary routine.  So unless you give up and/or abandon it – you don’t have to start over.

Two – I slacked on the reporting/posting of my days (Which should explain the lack of info days 36 through today.  I was still doing the work – I just wasn’t posting about it.

Now with that said – that’s just pertaining to my healthy lifestyle and blogging to support it.  I have TONS of other places I DO need to start over with a clean slate!

So keeping with the suggestions of living a New YOU Day Mentality – go out there and take actions to start over and rock at whatever it is you’re wanting to conquer!

If you use Facebook – come on over to and let’s engage there as well!

Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE day!

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