FitRULES | Day 34

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

When it comes to DECIDING on ANYTHING – I want you to think about something one of my mentors – John Addison – talks about.  If you think about the words Homicide, Pesticide, and Algicide – there’s one thing in common.  The death of something.  It’s the same thing with Decide. When you DECIDE – it’s the death of ALL other options!

So believing and deciding it’s time for a healthier lifestyle – you HAVE to kill your old way of thinking and habits.

For instance – my daughter is a Girl Scout and you probably know what’s coming.  It’s THAT dreaded time of the year when the cookies arrive!


Old Me would have poured a HUGE glass of cold, whole milk – and would have devoured several sleeves – and quite possibly the whole box – of cookies!  But New Me knows that behavior will cost me for SEVERAL days on the Elliptical – not to mention the fact that it’s junk!  Sorry Girl Scouts!  They ARE good – but NOT good for you!

You have to KILL those old habits by DECISION not to repeat them.

And I’m PROUD to report – NO cookies or Whole Milk have passed my gums this year!

Want to change?  BELIEVE you will – and you WILL!

I KNOW you can!

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Until tomorrow – have a DYNAMITE day!

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