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Go Paperless – And Take It WITH You!

Is It Time To Go Paperless?

Time To Go Paperless?

Are You Ready To Go Paperless?

Is your desk starting to look like this?  Mine was!  Well…not THIS bad – but not far off!

Everything from ideas, to-dos, shopping lists, quotes, things I want to remember, and everything in-between is jotted down on Post-IT Notes, notebooks, and wipe boards all over my War Home (OK – it’s just an office I call that.).

It’s embarrassing!

In my quest of living a New YOU Day Mentality – it’s time to change it NOW!

So how do you go paperless?

You can do one or many of the following:

  • Use apps such as Evernote, OneNote, and Reminders (Just to name a few) to jot down things you’d normally write on something physical.
  • Use voice recorders on your smartphone or tablet to take down ideas.
  • Send yourself a text message or email as a reminder or note.

A few of the benefits of going paperless?

  • One of the biggest benefits of going paperless – at least for me – is a lack of repeated info I jot down.  Now to give full disclosure – this is due as much to procrastination as anything – but not having the same items written down in several places is a big help.
  • When you complete items – you just check them off as completed and/or delete them.
  • You can easily prioritize what needs to be done – and in what order, it needs to be completed.
  • Your info goes WITH you!
  • And maybe most important to the whole paperless cause – you save trees!  (Which is VERY important if you’re a tree!)