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Can A Tiger Change Its Stripes?

Makari_the_TigerIn the title of this Blog Post – I ask, “Can A Tiger Change Its Stripes?”

The literal answer – no.

The figurative answer – yes.  People most certainly CAN change.

With that said – a lot DON’T!  They carry on with what Einstein would define as “Insanity” – doing the same things and expecting a different result.  Those things apply to running and being involved with the same people as well.

I come about a post entitled, “Pruvit VIP Launch Review: Ketone supplements & Rippln?” – and thought, “AGAIN?!?”

Go BEYOND due dilligence on this one people!  Pruvit is new – but it’s “leadership” (Laughable description at best) is made up of many of the usual suspects involved in past and REPEATED failed “opportunities” (Again – laughable).

If the above post isn’t enough – here’s more reading to properly introduce you to who you’re dealing with.

Rippln CEO apologizes for “failed expectations”

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Rippln is sunk: How NOT to close an MLM company

If you REALLY want to lose weight – start by running away from this company!  You’ll thank me!