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Take A Chance On Doing What You Love!

A friend of mine sent me a LinkedIn post from John Doherty of Credo | – and it really resonated with me!

Almost a year ago, I left a stable job I’d had for 4 years (With benefits) to take a job that was more in my wheelhouse and only 5 minutes from home (With NO benefits).

Two months into the new job, I went on a pre-approved trip to Washington with my daughter’s 8th-grade class – and when I returned was let go.

While in the 4-year job – because of the safety and benefits, I was locked in a routine that literally could have lasted a career. But I was unhappy. I wasn’t doing what I loved. It was my wife who pushed me to look at the new job. It was something much more suited to me, would allow me to attend our children’s activities much easier, and it was very close to our home. It SEEMED like a no-brainer!

Before taking the new job – I’d done some due diligence and research on the company. Every bit of intel had an air of “Don’t Do It!” laced into it – but for whatever reason, I ignored their warnings and my gut. Only a few days into the job I could feel there was A LOT of issues in the workplace. Several people told me, “You WILL cry!” (Literally). I didn’t, but I did enter and leave with a knot in my stomach almost every day. So when the “We gotta let you go.” bomb dropped, it SHOULD have been devastating – but instead, it was a sweet relief!

I’m a true believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason.

I would have never left the 1st job without being pushed to do so. And although I was working in an absolutely toxic environment at the new job, I’m sure I wouldn’t have quit (At least not before securing another position).

So everything happened for a reason!

In less than two weeks, I’ll be returning to Washington with my son and his 8th-grade class. A LOT has changed in the last year!

Today, I work from home doing what I love. My commute is 40 paces to my office. I work with clients of my choosing – and ALL of them are awesome! My co-workers are our pets, our children (When home), and my beautiful wife (Who works from home as an outside sales rep). I go to ALL my children’s events now! And I KNOW this position will last my career!

Simply put – I have both time and financial FREEDOM!

Jim Carrey had a great quote I’ll share with you that pretty much sums all this up.

“…you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

Amen Jim!

If you’re doing something you don’t love – I hope this post helps you.

Have a DYNAMITE day!

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