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Rippln (Soon To Be Vapt) – Back To The Basics

QuestionMarksRemember the excitement you had when you first joined Rippln?

This was the latest question put forth by the Rippln “Leadership” as part of their back to the basics initiative.

My answer – “Yep!”

Unfortunately I remember the stings of events afterwards.

Lies…Broken Promises…Missed Deadlines…and EXTREMELY Lackluster Offerings.

I KNOW I said I was going to get in my Delorean and head Back To The Future – but I had to get a few things off my chest first.

Regardless of what these sheep bah at you about Photoguessaroo – ignore the noise.  It’s neither addictive, fun, and/or viral.  The ONLY people excited about it are those wanting to make money with it.  If you look at it without greedy eyes – you’d agree it’s not anything special whatsoever.

And the “SMART” Watch?  Give me a break!  It’s a Bluetooth Device for your arm that tells time.  Sharing your conversations with EVERYONE around you – only makes you HALF of a Dick Tracy.

The “leadership” would like you to grab your sheers and go get more sheep.  And THAT’s why I had to speak up again.

BEFORE going out there and blowing sunshine up the rear ends of more victims – ask:

  • “Where’s AppCraze and the partnership with Candy Crush?”
  • “Where’s The Rippln Communicator?”
    • Even more importantly – who cares?!?  What will it REALLY be?  A way to communicate with others in Rippln.  Let’s face it – that’s NOT a huge amount of real people for one.  And two – the ones that are left are either pissed off or have their heads so far in the clouds you wouldn’t want to talk with ’em any way.  Regardless of how you do it (Pictures, text, audio, and/or video) – all the communicator will be good for is badgering people to join / player up in Rippln, purchase worthless products offered by Rippln, and/or talk about Rippln.  All 3 of which are worthless – literally and financially.
  • “Where’s Android Support?”
  • “Where’s the Brazilian / Latin American Support?”
  • “Why did Facebook BAN our link?”
  • “Why aren’t the numbers we’re being told adding up?”
    • Have you REALLY thought about this?
      • Rippln CLAIMS to have hit a MILLION people in just over 2 months.  Yet over the last 3 months – haven’t even cracked the 1.5 Million mark.  Hmmmm?
      • 1.4 Million + and yet their Facebook Profile is under 86K.  And of those likes – I’d defy you to find more than a couple hundred EVER liking and/or commenting at the same time.  I guess that Facebook thing hasn’t caught on yet.  Hmmmm?
      • 1.4 Million + and another thought to be popular site – Twitter – only has less than 2K following.  Hmmmm?
      • 1.4 Million + and YouTube – a little video site the kids watch – has less than 13K subscribers.  Hmmmm?
      • 1.4 Million + – a third of that or just under 500K in the U.S. – and they only get 500 of their 1st product to sell?  Mind you they’ve been trying to unload those 500 since the convention on August 2nd, 2013 in Dallas.  You’d think with that many people – they would have been snagged up IMMEDIATELY!  Hmmmm?
  • “What am I paying for?!?”

Wake up people!  You’re being Vision Casted into a tunnel.  And there may be a light at the end of it – but it’s an oncoming TRAIN!

I’ll share the same advice in this post as I did in one of my previous ones – “Why I Left Rippln“.

Have a DYNAMITE day!


3/08/2014 Update:  Rippln has had untold issues since this initial post – and will be coming back (Or at least that’s what they’re saying.  So we KNOW we can trust them – right?  HA!) in the Spring of 2014.  They’ll be operating under the name VAPT.  In my own humble opinion – I’d avoid ANYTHING they offer under ANY NAME!  The only name fitting for these crooks is Out Of Business!  RUN!

Use of the Rippln Name throughout this and other posts is in NO way, shape,  and/or form meant to be derogatory of the rightful owners of the name Ripple Labs, Inc.  Congrats on getting your GOOD name back from these BAD people!


05/03/2014 Update:  VAPT had the following on its site – “April 2014 –! It is coming!”  It’s May – and it’s NOT here!  Even if it does show back up – it’ll no doubt be chocked full of hype to the brim.  Just as I stated above –  I’d avoid ANYTHING they offer under ANY NAME!  The only name fitting for these crooks is Out Of Business!  RUN!

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