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It’s Time To Focus!FOCUS

What you see in the image to the left is 45 Post-it Notes that were on or around my displays and desk.

As you can see – some are bent up and wrinkled.  But they didn’t start off that way.  They started off as crisp ideas I wanted to move on – and then didn’t think about again.

With proper focus – it’s easier to jot to do items or thoughts on a digital list (The Chrome Extension – Prioritab – is a great tool for this.  See the image below.).

I like Prioritab for two specific reasons.  One, it reminds me just how fast time slips away.  If you look at the image below – you’ll see how much of the day, month, and year we’re through already.  And two, I have it set to open up every time I open a new tab in Chrome – so I see a quick glimpse of time passed and what I need to accomplish.


What I DON’T like about Prioritab is it doesn’t have the ability to customize tasks/reminders and it doesn’t have a running list of completed items.  As mentioned above – the “We are now through…” IS cool though!


For this reason – I NEED something that I can use on all my devices with much more robust features!

Why Digital Focus?

You might say, “But I LOVE my Post-it Notes and notebooks full of ideas!”

But do you?

How many times were you somewhere and didn’t have anything to write with – but thought, “I’ll remember.”?  And how many times did you forget?  If you’re lucky enough to answer “Rarely” ,then congrats!  I forget – OFTEN!

Or you DID write something down – and either lost it, couldn’t recall what the heck the note meant, or even worse it found its way to a stack like the picture above that started this whole post!

Regardless – if you’re like most people, you usually have your smartphone VERY close by.  Digital Focus allows you to take your smartphone out and immediately take a note that can be added to a list immediately.

When I said, “I NEED something that I can use on all my devices with much more robust features! ” – I found a great solution!

This is a completely unsolicited and altruistic recommendation – as Todoist not only DOESN’T currently have a Referral/Affiliate Program – but I PAID to become a Premium Member (Yes you CAN use it for free too)!  Todoist offers EVERYTHING I’m looking for to keep myself organized and on track!  I’d HIGHLY suggest you check it out!

With that said – my next posts on this subject will focus around two mindsets that when reversed lead back into one another.

They are…


So stay tuned to see how these two mindsets contribute to my focus!