The majority of what you need to know about me can be seen in the picture above.

My WHY is family – and the families of my team!

I want to help people win their time and financial freedom – to be able to spend more time with those they love.

See the Red Arrows and “Want my tips…” Opt-in Form to the right of this?  Before you do ANYTHING else here – please do me a favor and opt-in.  Why?  I TRULY want to help people brand and market themselves!  Will you get some pitches?  YEP!  But you’ll get A LOT more VALUE along with ’em!

The next thing I’d love you to do is hit every one of my Social Links (Above the Red Arrows to the right) and Follow, Friend. and/or Like ALL of them!  Why?  I WANT to engage with the people that follow and work with me!  I eat my own dog food!  The very name is SOCIAL networking!  So we GOTTA be SOCIAL!

So who am I?  The HUGE guy in the pic above!

In a nutshell – I’m a Husband and Dad!  Yep – just a regular guy!

In my spare time – embracing to build my dream – while helping others build theirs!  ! I’m a , , and  Connoisseur.


Wes Wyatt
143 Bear Drive
New Bremen, Ohio 45869
(419) 800-9371

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Justin

    Hi Wes,

    My name is Justin, and I was curious about a domain name that seems to be registered in your name and housed within your website. I was hoping to register the name “DontTouchThatDial.com” in the coming weeks so I could have something in place for a new venture I was planning on launching–Simply put, it’s an Internet Radio Station that will play Music from TV shows; not just TV theme songs, but also their album/pop length/cover versions, as well as original songs written for Television. I was hoping to launch during the Weekend of the Emmy Awards (9/16 or 17 this year).

    Out of curiosity, I typed in the website to see if it was available, it led me to your page where it said “Page Not Found”, so I’m hoping that it still is available. I’m kind of keen on that domain name because a lot of my future channel’s imaging (I.e. the stuff that plays between the songs) uses the phrase “Don’t Touch that dial” pretty heavily, and I have a feeling changing all the imaging around might delay the launch significantly. So with that, I was wondering if in fact you were willing to part with the domain, or if you still needed it for your own page (Which, if you do, I won’t get in the way). Either way, I wanted to check with you first since you seem to be the current owner of the domain, and I hope we can work something out–if at all. Again, if you need the domain, I won’t get in the way. Thank you.



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