A Mind Stretched

BufferDo you stretch your mind? I ask because of the following quote: “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. In the Featured Image for this post – I shared an image of myself holding a rubber band, a small rubber band ball, and a huge rubber band ball. The significance of it is this. Rubber Band – You by yourself.  If you stretch this rubber band back and forth – you’ll notice that it eventually loses its elasticity.  That can be represented in real life by feeding your mind, taking part in new activities, and pushing your boundaries.  And like the quote above says – you can’t unlearn, undo, and/or step back once you put these steps to work!  What can happen though is you can break – or in the real world, get fatigued or stressed from trying to go it all alone. Small Rubber Band Ball – You + Running Partners / Mentors.  All the same things for the individual apply here.  The difference is – there’s power and strength in numbers.  The ball / your group is much stronger and harder to break. Huge Rubber Band Ball – You + Running Partners / Mentors + EVERYONE all of you bring into your group.  Now your SUPER powerful and almost impossible to break! But remember – EVERYONE starts as that one rubber band – stretching to be bigger! LEARN!  GROW!  And have a BALL doing it!

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Friday Mindset

BufferDo You Have A Friday Mindset? Lend me your eyes (sight) and heart / mind (VISION) for a moment!   First and foremost – I LOVE the Peanuts! But… I saw this today on Snoopy’s Facebook Page. It’s a PERFECT example of how pictures can draw you into paying attention to a post!  But that’s a topic for another day… Because it caught my eye – and then my heart and mind.  I wanted to have you think about the following. If I were able to clear your mind of what day it was and TELL you it was Friday – and to act as if.  You would! Why?  What IS a Friday Mindset? Here are just a few of the things associated with it. – People are usually off of work for the week – and have the whole weekend ahead of them.   – Many people are paid on Friday – so you have money available.   – Entertainment such as new movie releases, concerts, and parties are usually on the weekend.   – You’re tired from working all week – and now you have a few days to relax.   – And the reasons go on and on…   But here’s the harsh reality my friends.   Sunday Night and Monday are the same as EVERY day and night of the week my friends! The only thing that changes each morning, afternoon, and night – is how you react to what’s going on and what state you’re in. You can be just as miserable on Friday Night as you can on Monday Morning! Words and sayings are POWERFUL! You CAN speak and think things into existence! I recently decided to NOT say, “Thank God It’s FRIDAY” or use the initals TGIF. One – because I don’t want that mindset.  And two – because I’m thankful for EVERY day God gives me!  I LOVE my Oxygen Habit! In addition – I stopped pointing out anything that villainized any days other than Friday and Saturday. Why? I want to have a Friday Mindset EVERY day.  Not just on Friday. DON’T allow yourself to fall into this! If you look at the two images – “Another Monday” and “IT’S FRIDAY!” – notice the following: – Charlie Brown is Sulking on Monday – but Snoopy is dancing on Friday. – “Another Monday” has upper and lower-case letters – “IT’S FRIDAY!” is all caps. – “Another Monday” has no punctuation – “IT’S FRIDAY!” has an Exclamation Point. Who wouldn’t want to dance on Monday instead of sulking?!? Again – it’s ALL in your head! If you were to win the lottery on Monday – do you think you’d sulk because it wasn’t Friday? NOPE! Attitude and State are all you need! And even that’s not true.  There are at least two other components. Energy (Action) and persistence (Consistency)! Benjamin Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Apply those to your attitude and state – and you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE! Now go do it! And above all else…[…]

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Passive Income Reality

BufferToday, the GREAT Gary Vaynerchuk posted a video on Facebook entitled Passive Income Reality. In classic Gary Vaynerchuk Style – there’s some NSFW Language, awesome video editing, and LOTS of truth! MANY “opportunities” claim to be able to make you rich and have you making money while you sleep.  FEW – even most of them – deliver. Now – with that said – let me offer up a few truths about the ones that DO work. Number 1 – YOU have to work!  People do what you do! Number 2 – Your SPONSOR needs to work!  The speed of the leader, determines the speed of the pack! I covered this in a video myself a while back.  You ARE the sum of those you hang around.  Choose wisely! So what’s my take on Passive Income Reality? It DOES exist – but it like anything else worth having, you HAVE to bust your ass to MAKE it work! Anything that people work for but don’t complete COULD be referred to as a scam or something that doesn’t work? What if someone gets a Real Estate License – but never sells one house?  Scam? What if someone gets an Insurance Brokers License – but never sells one policy?  Scam? What if someone gets a Cosmetologist License – but never cuts one strand of hair?  Scam? No, no, and no! If you don’t work – you don’t eat. All those professions require building a clientele.  And doing that can take a long time. I have a harsh reality for everyone reading this. LIFE is hard and takes work!  But it’s 100% worth it! And so is ANYTHING worth having – including Passive Income Reality! Have a DYNAMITE day!             blah

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